Search algorithm

In computer science, a search algorithm, in general terms, is an algorithm that takes a problem as input and returns the solution to the problem, usually after solving a possible number of solutions.

How did search algorithms come about?

Search algorithms are based on looking for any element within a set of components with specific properties.

Which could be books in libraries, or encrypted data, used mainly during the two great wars. Its computer language formats came to be developed along with the construction of the first computers. Since most of his available publications began to appear in the 1970s.

Search algorithms are the basis of Internet search engines today

These classification systems are composed not of one but a series of algorithms. Searchalgorithms analyze a variety of factors, including query words, relevance, the usability of pages, knowledge of sources, and their location and settings to provide the most helpful information.

What is a search algorithm?

A search algorithm is a step-by-step procedure used to find specific data among a collection of data. It is considered a fundamental procedure in computing. In computer science, when searching for data, the difference between a fast application and a slower one usually lies in using the proper search algorithm.

Search algorithms are designed to check an element or retrieve a part from any data structure where it is stored.

Based on the type of search operation, these algorithms are generally classified into two categories:

  • Sequential search: this list or matrix is searched sequentially, and each element is checked. For example, Linear Search.
  • Range Search: These algorithms are specifically designed to search across sorted data structures. This type of search algorithm is much more efficient than Linear Search as they repeatedly target the center of the search structure and divide the search space in half. For example, Binary search.

Why do we use the search?

Search algorithms are used to search or find one or more than one element of a dataset. This type of algorithm is used to find elements of specific data structures. The search can be sequential or not. If the data in the dataset is random, we need to use a sequential search.

What are the different types of search algorithms?

  • Searching Algorithms:
  • Linear search.
  • Binary search.
  • Jump Search.
  • Interpolation search.
  • Exponential search.
  • Sublist Search (searches a linked list in another list)
  • Fibonacci research.
  • The ubiquitous binary search.

Search Algorithm in Computer Science

In computer science, a search algorithm, in general terms, is an algorithm that takes a problem as input and returns the solution to the problem, usually after solving a possible number of solutions.

In terms of an intermediate function, a solution is a method that an external or more comprehensive algorithm will use to solve a given problem. Search algorithms often try to solve a problem.

The search problem and the search algorithm

The search purpose is to find one or more occurrences of records with the same value of the search. To find the amount you want, there are several search methods.

Choosing the most suitable method mainly depends on the amount of data involved and the possibility of inserting and/or deleting files.


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