Semantic Search

SEO is a strategy that seeks to understand the searcher’s intent to deliver accurate results.

The purpose of semantic search is to improve the accuracy of results by understanding the researcher’s intent. Semantic search is when multiple sources are used to perform a search, not just keywords.

Its semantic search ensures that modern search engines interpret elements such as the context and the user’s intentions when showing a search result.

Semantic search is closely linked to tools that understand natural language, and these technologies increasingly impact SEO. Knowing how to do semantic search optimization ensures that your website is prepared for the project and is future-proof.

How to do SEO for semantic search?

In this video, I debated the relationship between the Semantic Web, semantic search, and SEO. I hope it serves as an introduction to the topic for you.

Google increasingly understands the intention of the researcher.

Search engines today go far beyond the keyword, and your success needs to understand the meaning of the words used in a search to maintain the accuracy of the results.

Tools like Google needed to create a layer to verify the integrity of information, the only one they didn’t have, for this, in the case of Google, Google Plus was created (a tool that unfortunately no longer exists): the social layer that validates the integrity of information.

A good SEO strategy, allied to Digital Marketing, uses, in addition to content production, other elements, primarily technological, to be practical.

Semantic search is when multiple sources are used to perform a search, not just keywords.


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