Semântico SEO

What is Semântico?

Semântico SEO started as a blog about using semantics to optimize digital projects. Now it is a consultancy specialized in SEO – Website Optimization for search engines.

01. planning

Planning a project to create your website or the SEO of any project goes through careful planning beforehand.

02. strategy

Our strategy for any project involves defining a semantic field for the content of your project, the creation of ontologies, and the study of terms.

03. technique

Use advanced techniques to create projects that perform go through vocabulary creation techniques for content optimization.

SEO Specialist

Alexander Rodrigues Silva

Alex Rodrigues SEO Consultant

Alexander Rodrigues


SEO Specialist and Researcher with 10 years of experience

I am graduated in Advertising and have 20 years of experience in the Creation and Management of digital content, working in media and technology companies most of the time.

Em 2008 me especializei em SEO e já otimizei vários tipos de sites. Hoje pesquiso o uso da semântica e dados conectados na otimização de sites.

For me, Content Marketing and SEO need to be allied with the client’s business.

I believe that using Market Intelligence, data-based analysis, and a lot of innovation can achieve any goal in any market.

I have been studying Semantic Writing a lot, a way of writing business texts using semantic knowledge, making businesses use all the power of searches for their success.


Rua Santo Antônio, 325 – Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil
+55 51 99541-6223