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Semantic SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

It’s more than being present in the top positions of any results page. SEO is a tool, a set of techniques, and it is creating quality content, taking into account only the first search results that do not reflect your business objectives.

In addition, SEO can be part of everything you do in your company because it is a strategic thought that constantly seeks to improve everything, focusing on the customer.

And what is not SEO?
SEO is not sponsored links, it’s not working on social media, and it’s not a guarantee of being in the top spots without work, without creating quality content.

SEO in a new way

Optimize your website, and your customers will arrive!

These optimizations are a set of techniques to achieve good organic placements, which generate traffic and authority for your website. That’s what Semântico SEO offers:

  • Experience of over 10 years;
  • Advanced Semantic SEO Techniques;
  • Partnership in optimizing your online business.
Optimize your website with Semantic SEO

Do not waste time!

Optimize your business right now!


Team SEO Training

Analysis of the current status of your project

Planning your website optimization

SEO Project Management

Management and guidance of the website team: programmers, designers, content creators, etc.

Optimizing your content

Team education for best SEO practices


What does Semântico do for your company?

We create SEO projects that bring concrete results to your business. We use SEO strategies to make google’s algorithms understand your content, making it relevant and making your site better positioned.

Let’s work together with the most current techniques customized for your needs. That’s what Semantic will do for you.

Going beyond using keywords, which you can find on other sites, we understand that SEO is about doing more than knowing the 200 ranking factors.

SEO techniques

We use Semantic SEO techniques to make search engines love your site.

relevant content

We optimize your content so that search engines understand what your site says.

digital marketing

We train your team to use SEO together with the best Marketing techniques.

good positioning

These actions allow us to say: your website will achieve good positioning.

Semântico SEO understands SEO as a business strategy that needs to be allied to your company’s goals.

Success Cases

Semantic optimization is the future of SEO

Semantic search, a synonym for semantic optimization, is a new way of optimizing online projects, which takes into account a relationship that takes into account the meaning of each term on your website (not just words, but entities such as people, events, events ) and the relationship between each of these entities.

The purpose of semantic search is to deliver the person looking for more accurate results, understanding the intent, going beyond keywords


Alexander Rodrigues Silva

Alexander Rodrigues Silva

SEO Consultant

I am a publicist with over 20 years of experience in Digital. I have been working with Search Engine Optimization since 2009, always seeking to align the user experience with strategies such as Content Marketing, optimizing the investment in SEO.

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