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Semantic is a consulting firm specializing in Semantic SEO, which optimizes sites with a focus on the user but with an understanding of the algorithms’ needs. Semantic SEO understands SEO as a business strategy that needs to be allied to your company’s goals.

SEO Consulting
Alexander Rodrigues Silva Consultor SEO

A Semantic

Semantic SEO started as a blog about using semantics to optimize digital projects. Over time it became a consulting firm specializing in SEO – Search Engine Optimization. As the algorithms advanced, Semantic also evolved and became specialized in Semantic SEO.

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planning for site optimization


SEO planning for websites and digital environments being developed. I guide and plan the optimization of a digital project from inception to launch.

Web Site Optimization Management


Management of optimization projects with training of teams of developers and writers. Managing mature projects but with teams that need direction.

Optimization for website design


Optimization for website projects that need to improve their positioning in search engines and that need consulting and execution of the analysis done.

What can Semântico do for your company?

I create website optimization projects that bring concrete results for your business. I use Semantic SEO strategies that will make google’s algorithms understand your content, making it relevant and making your site rank better.

What can Semântico do for your company?
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Semantic SEO Techniques

I use Semantic SEO techniques to make search engines love your site.

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Relevant content

I guide content creation in conjunction with SEO techniques.

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Research and Planning

I understand that SEO is about doing more than knowing the 200 ranking factors.

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