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SEO for small businesses

We do SEO consultancy for companies of all sizes, but we have special prices and conditions for micro and small businesses. See our values below or if you have an small businesses: use the form on the side.

How SEO Consulting Works

What does an SEO consultancy do for your company?

We analyze your website and create a project to optimize it
The experience of more than 10 years in SEO, optimizing websites for various markets, allows me to understand each project’s need quickly.

Speed Site

Optimize your website until it flies! Speed is a fundamental requirement.

Optimized Content

Content is the new SEO! Analyzing your content, understanding how it can improve all aspects will make search engines love your site!

Connected Site

The Web is Semantic! Everything needs to be connected and make sense on your website. Analyzing the site and creating a plan to make the connections again makes sense.

Optimized Code

Structural changes will make your site lighter and easier for searchers to read. SEO thanks you!


If your site does not appear in searches, it is as if it did not exist. Creating an optimized website is what you need.

Optimize your website now!

If no one finds your site, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

The world changed forever after the Coronavirus Pandemic. Being found through searches is no longer a detail; it is a matter of survival. SEO is a matter of survival.

SEO consulting for new sites

If you just created a website but did not use the most current SEO techniques and need to do this job, contact me now!

SEO consultant for old sites

If your site has been around longer and now needs to be optimized, don’t wait any longer: let’s optimize it!

Creation of optimized sites

A good website is already designed with SEO techniques in the initial project. Are we going to create your optimized website?


Meet our services

We have created some service packages to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Alexander Rodrigues Silva

Alexander Rodrigues Silva

SEO Consultant

I am a publicist with over 20 years of experience in Digital. I have been working with Search Engine Optimization since 2009, always seeking to align the user experience with strategies such as Content Marketing, optimizing the investment in SEO.

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