Semantic Search Engine Optimization

Semantic Search Engine Optimization

Data is governed by the concepts of volume, velocity, variety and veracity, and the moment we find a way to deal with these four concepts in a completely satisfactory way we have solved the Search problem.

Semantic Optimization is a new term, but one that will be important in the future. Researchers like Pierre Lévy struggle with this problem, see his excellent book The Semantic Sphere .

His research advances the semantic concept that search engines use and attempts to develop a universal language of tagging and meaning making for all online content.

Semantic Search

Tools like Google needed to create the information veracity verification layer, the only one they didn’t have, for this, in Google‘s case, Google Plus was created (a tool that unfortunately no longer exists): the social layer validating the veracity of the information.

For semantic search to work with trillions of pages, it needs to work without human intervention because of scalability, so research like Lévy’s is critical to the future of human knowledge.

History is semantics

But at the beginning of the century. XXI, the exploration of this memory by all and everyone is limited by problems of semantic opacity, incompatible classification systems, and linguistic and cultural fragmentation.

In the absence of computable models, we are unable to automate most of the cognitive operations of analysis, filtering, synthesis, and interconnection of information that would allow us to advantageously use the immense mass of data available to us.

We do not yet know how to systematically transform this ocean of data into knowledge and even less how to transform the digital medium into a reflexive observatory of our collective intelligences.

The first purpose of this work is to present to the scientific community and the informed public a new system for encoding meanings, thanks to which operations on meaning in the new digital memory could become transparent, interoperable, and computable.

IEML and Semantic Search Engine Optimization

This semantic coding system has been named the IEML (Information Economy Meta Language ).

Its use could help to remove the obstacles that today limit the optimal exploitation of the digital medium for the benefit of human development in its inextricably social and personal dimensions.

If a dynamic community of semanticists and linguists enrich this language and make it grow, if a group of engineers program and maintain a collection of programs exploring the computational possibilities of IEML, and if a critical mass of users and social media would take ownership of these programs, I consider that we would engage in a new scientific, technical, and cultural path that in the long run would lead to a significant increase in human cognitive processes.”

What do you think about Semantic Optimization as a future prospect?

I have prepared a post with a case study on Semantic Optimization. In it you will be able to prove the results of what I have defended here.

What is semantic search?

Semantic Search, also called Semantic Search, is the result of a search, whether written or spoken, a simple action or questioning, that produces results that have complex meaning.

What is a semantic field in SEO?

A semantic field is a collection of words united by meaning. He works with the meanings that a single word presents when placed in different contexts. It is, therefore, the set of different senses that a single word can present. In SEO, knowledge of the semantic field allows the professional to correctly select the entities to work with in the optimization project.

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