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OWL for Business

OWL for Business

Creating OWL for Business is about making use of a language to define and instantiate ontologies...

New Proposal for Content Management on the Web

This article proposes a new methodology for planning search-optimized content as an alternative to the model focused on search intent created by Google. The wide dissemination of this Google model generated a blind race in the content creation market, an unbridled quest to understand the user’s intention without taking the trouble to reflect on what it means.

How to classify things?

Within this idea of knowledge as the totality of ideas conserved by human beings, I reflect on the importance of organizing entities, or as I called it in the title of this text: classifying things.

Creating Definitions for Semantic SEO

Learn about the methodology for creating definitions widely used in Librarianship applied to Semantic SEO.

Creating Definitions for Semantic SEO

Abstract: In this article, I present the methodology for creating definitions...
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As 5 Leis do SEO

As 5 Leis do SEOSEOAs 5 leis do SEO e as leis da BiblioteconomiaPor Semântico SEOA Biblioteconomia como área de atuação vem do surgimento da Biblioteca de Alexandria, em 288 a.C.BIBLIOTECONOMIAFoi criada com para reunir e classificar todos os conhecimentos do mundo...

Para trabalhar com SEO

Para trabalhar com SEOComo trabalhar comSEO?ProblemasVocê precisa ter esse nível de vontade de resolver problemasSoluçõesResolver os problemas com soluções criativasPARA TRABALHAR comSEOInformaçãoEntregar a informação certa para a pessoa, no momento que ela...

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